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Work Cover Follow Up

Work Cover Follow-up Teleconsultation: A Convenient Way to Track Healing

Post-Procedures, Post-Fractures, Post-Complex Laceration

  • Teleconsultations can be used to check the progress of your healing after procedures, fractures, and complex lacerations.
  • These remote check-ups help ensure your recovery is going as planned without the need for an in-person visit.
  • It’s a convenient way to address concerns or questions about your recovery process.

Providing Work Cover Certificates

  • New work cover certificates can be provided via teleconsultation.
  • This means you can get the necessary paperwork for work without leaving your home.
  • This reduces stress and hassle, making your recovery process smoother.

Approved Claims for Work Cover Teleconsultation

  • You must have an approved claim to use our Work Cover teleconsultation service.
  • This is a requirement to ensure that the cost of the service is covered.
  • Check with your insurance provider or employer to confirm your claim has been approved.
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