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Urgent Prescriptions

Urgent Prescriptions Tele-Consultation: A Simple Guide

Warning – No Schedule 8 Drugs

  • Our service doesn’t prescribe Schedule 8 (S8) drugs.
  • S8 drugs include powerful medications like certain painkillers and stimulants.
  • For safety reasons and due to the potential for misuse, these are not provided online.
  • Patients need an in-person doctor’s visit to get these medications.

Chronic Disease Prescriptions

  • We can prescribe common medicines for chronic diseases.
  • This service has a limit of one repeat prescription.
  • This is to avoid any misuse of medicines and maintain safe practices.
  • We strongly advise regular check-ups with your regular doctor (GP) for ongoing care.

E-Prescriptions and Pharmacy Collection

  • If you have Medicare and our system can generate an Individual Healthcare Identifier (IHI), we can send e-prescriptions.
  • This means your prescription is sent directly to your device.
  • If not, we can send your prescription to your local pharmacy for pick-up.
  • Always remember, our service is designed for convenience, but it’s vital to maintain regular contact with your GP for optimal health management.
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