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Animal Bites

Sally was visibly distressed when she came into Urgent Care Brisbane one afternoon. Her beloved family pet, a German Shepherd named Max, had become unexpectedly aggressive during playtime and bit her hand. The bite was deep, painful, and bleeding.

Care for Animal Bites at Urgent Care Brisbane

Sally’s story isn’t uncommon. According to the World Health Organization, tens of millions of people are bitten by animals each year. This is how Urgent Care Brisbane assisted Sally’s recovery and how we can assist you if you’re in a similar situation.

List of animals along with the types of bites they might inflict and potential associated complications:


  • Type of bite: Puncture wounds, abrasions, or lacerations
  • Complications: Infections, including cellulitis, tetanus, and rabies


  • Type of bite: Deep, narrow puncture wounds, or lacerations
  • Complications: Bacterial infections, particularly Pasteurella multocida, tetanus, and in rare cases, rabies

Rodents (Rats, Mice, Hamsters)

  • Type of bite: Small, sharp puncture wounds
  • Complications: Rat bite fever, tetanus, and other bacterial infections


  • Type of bite: Deep puncture wounds or lacerations
  • Complications: Rabies, bacterial infections


  • Type of bite: Small, puncture wounds, often unnoticed
  • Complications: Rabies


  • Type of bite: Two puncture wounds; venomous snakes can also inject venom
  • Complications: Local tissue damage, systemic effects of venom, bacterial infections


  • Type of bite: Puncture wounds; venomous spiders can also inject venom
  • Complications: Local tissue damage, systemic effects of venom, bacterial infections


  • Type of bite: Puncture wounds, lacerations, or abrasions
  • Complications: Bacterial infections, herpes B virus, and rabies


  • Type of bite: Puncture wounds or lacerations
  • Complications: Bacterial infections, including Pasteurella multocida

Marine Animals (Jellyfish, Stingrays, Sharks)

  • Type of bite: Puncture wounds, abrasions, or lacerations; some can also inject venom
  • Complications: Local tissue damage, systemic effects of venom, bacterial infections, possible limb loss (in case of large sharks)

Remember, any animal bite requires medical attention to assess the risk of infection, possible damage to tissues and bones, and the need for tetanus or rabies prophylaxis. Do not hesitate to seek medical care if you or a loved one has been bitten by an animal. Urgent Care Brisbane is always ready to help.

Assessing the Depth of the Bite

First, we needed to assess the severity of Sally’s bite. Our emergency doctors are skilled at determining how deep a bite has penetrated and identifying any damage to bones and ligaments. We have on-site radiology services, making it easier and quicker to assess these injuries without having to refer patients to a hospital’s emergency department.

Wound Irrigation and Cleaning

Next, we cleaned Sally’s wound. Mayo Clinic highlights the importance of cleaning bite wounds with soap and water to reduce the risk of infection. We carried out wound irrigation, flushing the wound to cleanse it thoroughly.

Antibiotic Prophylaxis and ADT

Sally was at risk for infections, including tetanus. We administered antibiotics prophylaxis, an approach recommended by the BMJ’s Best Practice Guidelines, and an updated tetanus shot (ADT) to prevent potential infections.

Review and Follow-up

We observed Sally for a few hours to monitor the wound and her overall health condition. Before discharging her, we scheduled a follow-up appointment to ensure her wound was healing correctly.

Surgical Review, If Needed

At Urgent Care Brisbane, we can arrange surgical interventions when necessary. Although Sally didn’t need surgery, we reassured her that if her wound did not heal correctly or if complications arose, our network of surgical specialists was ready to assist.

Your Step-by-Step Guide for Animal Bite Management at Urgent Care Brisbane

  1. Arrive at Urgent Care Brisbane: Whether it’s a pet, a stray, or a wild animal bite, our dedicated team of emergency doctors and nurses is here to help you around the clock.
  2. Injury Assessment: Our professionals will assess the severity of your bite, including depth and any damage to bones or ligaments. We have on-site radiology for quick diagnostics.
  3. Wound Cleaning and Irrigation: We’ll thoroughly clean your wound to decrease the risk of infection, following the best practices from authoritative sources like Healthline.
  4. Antibiotics and ADT: We’ll administer antibiotics to ward off infections. If necessary, you’ll also get a tetanus shot.
  5. Review and Follow-up: We’ll schedule a follow-up appointment to ensure your wound is healing correctly and there are no signs of infection.
  6. Surgical Review, If Needed: We can arrange surgical intervention if complications arise.

Remember, we’re here for you every step of the way, just as we were for Sally. By trusting us with her care, Sally was able to recover fully from her bite and return to her normal life. She even brought Max by once she was better – our team was more than happy to offer him a friendly pat and reassure him that Sally was okay.

Safeguarding Your Health, One Bite at a Time

We understand how traumatic an animal bite can be. We also know the potential for complications, so we are committed to offering comprehensive, top-tier care for bite injuries at Urgent Care Brisbane.

Why Trust Urgent Care Brisbane?

Trust is not given; it’s earned. At Urgent Care Brisbane, we earn your trust through our dedicated care, emergency doctors’ expertise, and commitment to your health. We take pride in providing services that are both medically excellent and humanely considerate.

For example, we went beyond the call of duty with Sally. We were not just treating a bite wound; we were caring for Sally, a woman who was scared and in pain. This empathetic approach makes our care stand out, creating a safe space for our patients to heal.

Reach Out When You Need Us

No matter the type of animal bite, we’re here to help. As seen in the case of Sally, we can navigate you through a bite incident with professional and compassionate care. If an animal has bitten you, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Update suggests immediate professional care is the best way to prevent potential complications of animal bites. Our doors at Urgent Care Brisbane are always open to offer you immediate and comprehensive treatment, ensuring your quick recovery.

A Healthy Tomorrow Starts Here

Animal bites can be scary, but you’re in good hands with Urgent Care Brisbane. Don’t let an animal bite derail your life. Reach out to us, and let’s embark on recovery together.

Remember, your health is our mission. You can trust us to provide comprehensive, empathetic care for animal bites, ensuring your quick return to everyday life. Like Sally, you’ll find our team ready to help you recover every step of the way.

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