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Pelvic Ultrasound

When an ordinary day takes an unexpected turn, you might find yourself searching for 'Urgent Care Brisbane.' Amidst the uncertainty, one thing is clear – you need immediate, expert medical assistance. If you've been told you require a pelvic ultrasound, you might feel anxious. But fear not! Our proficient team of emergency doctors and nurses are ready to guide you through this procedure.

Pelvic Ultrasound: A Closer Look

Pelvic ultrasound is a non-invasive diagnostic tool using high-frequency sound waves to capture live images of your pelvic organs. Picture it like this: the sound waves travel, bounce back when they hit a dense object like an organ, and these echoes are transformed into images as the transducer, a handheld device, processes the information.

But what happens when you step into our ultrasound room?

Meet Sarah. It was a bright Monday morning when sudden pelvic pain led her to our Urgent Care Centre in Brisbane. The friendly staff quickly reassured her, explaining she would need a pelvic ultrasound.

Lying on her side on the exam table, Sarah looked up at the ultrasound machines with apprehension. Our understanding nurse reassured her again – a simple, painless procedure was about to begin.

When is a Pelvic Ultrasound Needed?

Now you’re probably wondering why Sarah needed a pelvic ultrasound. This procedure is often indicated for a variety of medical conditions – from abnormal bleeding to locating an intrauterine device or even evaluating unexplained pelvic pain like Sarah’s.

Safety First

Our top priority at Urgent Care Brisbane is always your safety. Pelvic ultrasound is considered safe with virtually no contraindications. It does not use radiation, making it a preferred imaging method in sensitive areas like the uterus and ovaries.

The Process

Remember how we mentioned sound waves earlier? Well, here’s how it works. You may need to have a full bladder for this exam.

The process might seem unusual – you drink a few glasses of water and are told not to empty your bladder. This may cause slight discomfort, but it provides a clearer window for the sound waves to travel through and capture the images needed.

Back to Sarah. After drinking her water, she was led back to the exam room, where she lay down on the table. The sonographer applied a gel to her lower abdomen to help the transducer glide smoothly. She then moved the device back and forth over the skin, capturing images of Sarah’s pelvic organs. Despite her initial nervousness, Sarah found the procedure to be comfortable and straightforward.

Transvaginal Ultrasound

In some cases, for a more detailed image of the pelvic organs, a transvaginal scan may be needed. The examiner inserts a thin, specially designed-transducer into the vagina after proper sanitation. This might sound daunting, but it provides even clearer images than an external scan, especially of the uterus and ovaries.

The Cost

Quality healthcare shouldn’t be a financial burden. However, it’s important to note that ultrasounds are not bulk billed. While there are some out-of-pocket fees, we strive to keep costs manageable and transparent, prioritizing your health above all.

As Sarah walked out after pelvic ultrasound, she felt a sense of relief. The professional, empathetic staff at Urgent Care Brisbane turned an initially scary situation into a supportive, enlightening experience. The journey was not over yet, as the ultrasound results would soon clarify her pelvic pain.

Post-Procedural Follow Up

Radiologist promptly examined the results of Sarah’s ultrasound. She learned that her pelvic pain was due to an ovarian cyst, a common condition many women experience, identifiable through the pelvic ultrasound. Our doctors reassured her that her case was not severe, providing an effective management plan to alleviate her symptoms.

Sarah’s story paints a vivid picture of the patient experience at Urgent Care Brisbane. Our staff prioritize the patient’s comfort and understanding, utilizing their vast knowledge and experience to provide high-quality care. Their expertise extends beyond orthopedic fractures to include complex procedures like pelvic ultrasounds.

Our Commitment

Our commitment at Urgent Care Brisbane extends to providing a safe and comfortable environment for all our patients. Pelvic ultrasound is a standard procedure conducted by our professional team, and our patients’ peace of mind is our top priority. The fact that it uses sound waves and not radiation makes it a safe choice for our patients, reassuring them of the minimal risks involved.

When you step into our Urgent Care centre, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands. From explaining why you might need to lie on your side, to detailing how the sound waves bounce and create images, our team ensures that you’re not left in the dark.

In Conclusion

To put it simply, a pelvic ultrasound isn’t a daunting experience. Like Sarah, you’ll find yourself surrounded by a professional, compassionate team dedicated to providing the best healthcare experience. Whether you’re experiencing pelvic pain, or abnormal bleeding or need to locate an intrauterine device, a pelvic ultrasound could provide the answers you seek.

Remember, taking care of your health should never be delayed. We’re here to guide you through any health concerns, making sure you leave our facility feeling reassured, informed, and cared for, just like Sarah. Now you understand why our Urgent Care Centre is the preferred choice for many in Brisbane seeking immediate medical assistance, including procedures like pelvic ultrasound.

Next Steps

Ultrasound is not bulk billed and are not walk-ins , we can arrange urgent ultrasound with our sonographer partners when needed for assessment for Acute Pelvic pain.

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