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Biologic Infusions

biologic infusions featured

Monoclonal/biologic infusions refer to the administration of targeted therapy drugs derived from living organisms, such as antibodies or proteins, through intravenous infusion. These infusions are designed to specifically target and block certain molecules involved in disease processes, such as cancer or autoimmune disorders, to improve patient outcomes and manage symptoms.

Osteoporosis Infusions

osteporosis infusions featured

Zoledronic acid infusion is a medical procedure involving the administration of a drug called zoledronic acid through a vein. It is used to treat conditions such as osteoporosis and bone metastases by inhibiting bone breakdown. The infusion helps improve bone density and reduce the risk of fractures in patients.

Iron Infusion

iron infusion featured

Meet Jane, a 35-year-old woman who started experiencing fatigue, shortness of breath, and frequent headaches a few months ago. She visited her doctor, who ordered some blood tests to investigate her symptoms. The results revealed that Jane had iron deficiency anemia, a condition where her body doesn’t have enough iron to produce healthy red blood cells.

Urgent Referrals

Urgent Referrals via Teleconsultation: Bridging the Gap to Specialized Care Teleconsultation can facilitate urgent referrals to specialists, allied health professionals, and for diagnostic services such as pathology and radiology. Here are some scenarios where this may apply: Specialist Referrals If a complex health issue is identified that requires a specialist’s expertise, a referral can be […]

Urgent Prescriptions

Urgent Prescriptions Tele-Consultation: A Simple Guide Warning – No Schedule 8 Drugs Our service doesn’t prescribe Schedule 8 (S8) drugs. S8 drugs include powerful medications like certain painkillers and stimulants. For safety reasons and due to the potential for misuse, these are not provided online. Patients need an in-person doctor’s visit to get these medications. […]