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Emergency Registered Nurses

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Triage experience
Pediatrics emergency experience
ALS 1 trained
IV cannula
Burn management
Able to glue minor laceration
Able to give local anaesthetic on wound or keen to learn
Back slabs for fracture management
Comfortable answering Triage phone

Competency in Assessing Symptoms:

Chest pain
Acute SOB
Acute Asthma and COPD
Minor head injury
CVA assessment
Migraine management
Cellulitis protocol
Septic arthritis
Ability to order appropriate radiology image with good clinical notes
Ability to order bloods with good clinical notes
Collar and cuff
Fit moon boot
Choose right crutches and educate patient
Assess febrile child
Treat croup
Has knowledge about bronchiolitis
Know differential of abdominal pain in child and order appropriate investigations
Analgesia in child - knowledge about use of Intra nasal fentanyl
Competent in assessing abdominal pain in adult - bloods, urine, ct as needed
STI assessment and management
Acute eye symptoms - assessment
Acute anxiety management as per our urgent care protocols

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