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How much Iron do I need ?

Iron Deficiency Calculator

Iron Deficiency Calculator

Iron Infusion Clinic Brisbane

Iron infusion is a procedure where the total calculated dose of iron is infused intravenously.

You may require iron infusion if you:

What you Need to Bring

  • At Iron Infusion Clinic Brisbane – We accept Gp & specialist referrals for Iron infusion
  • You must bring referral from your regular doctor with recent blood results of haemoglobin and iron studies and script for IV iron.
  • If you do not have referral and want our doctor do Iron infusion we can organise this as per your lab results.
  • Most people with low iron and low Hb who have failed oral iron therapy are eligible for iron infusion.
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Iron Deficiency Treatment

Even if the reason for the iron deficiency has been identified and treated, it is often necessary to continue taking medicinal Iron (more Iron than a multivitamin can provide) until this problem is resolved and the body’s iron reserves are replenished. In cases where the cause of the iron deficiency cannot be found or treated, patients may need to continue receiving supplemental Iron.

There are many ways to increase iron intake:

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How much Iron Infusion Cost ?

Total out of pocket cost of iron infusion:


weekdays during hours


weekends and after hours
(does not include the prescription cost)

* Please bring your most recent blood test of full blood count, iron studies and any referral you may have from your regular doctor.


A referral is preferable. But if you don’t have one and are concerned about iron deficiency anemia, you can visit Urgent Care Brisbane and be seen by our medical team for assessment and blood tests. Based on the blood result, an iron infusion can be planned.

Most recent blood tests, including complete blood count and iron studies, that are not older than one month.

On Arrival we will review your Bloods results which includes Haemoglobin, Iron studies and as per your weight calculate the total dose needed for infusion. 

After the consent the procedure involves IV cannula, Infusion is completed in 15-20 min under continuous monitoring.  


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